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Three great whiskies in every box

Each month you’ll receive a new box of three 60ml rare and hard-to-find drams.

The selections are carefully curated from distilleries in Australia and around the world, with whiskies priced at an average of $120 per bottle.

Expert tasting videos & notes

Each box includes expert tasting notes & professional videos to guide you on your voyage of taste discovery.

Your first box ships with a bonus tasting journal to help you keep track of your taste profiles, and our online community gives you a chance to share your tastes with others.


A themed collection in every box

You’ll get a chance to taste a curated selection of hard-to-find Scotches, Single Malts, and new World whiskies including Japanese & American award-winning malts.

Our members have also enjoyed limited-edition releases exclusive to our community.


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Whisky loot is unreal!!! 6 stars ⭐️

I was actually given this as a birthday present, but man will I be sticking around. Awesome idea, great presentation, fantastic information booklet to help develop your palate and understanding of different whisky’s. Cheers to you whisky loot, looking forward to the next set of whisky’s.

-Asher D.

The fundamentals of whiskey

This whole experience has been amazing. Having never explored whiskey this was hands down the best value for money and the most detailed in information on whiskey. I’ve fineshed the full 12 boxes and feel like i have learnt the fundamentals of whiskey and have the confidence to go out and try something new.

-Matthew H.

Find your flavour profile..

I’ve came to the end of the 12 months of my whisky Loot Chapters and what a journey it has been. This has opened my eyes and my palate to whisky that I would have never try and from country I had never link with Whiskeys, with the videos and tasting notes it gives one a whole new understanding of the complexity that are in these whisky

-Asher D.

Don’t take our word for it...

I never knew about casks

This month is an interesting learning. I knew casks are important, but didn't know that it is THAT important and it provides such differentiations to whisky. The nose, the taste, the finish... I really enjoyed it

-Wal D.

Amazing set of whiskys

All 3 are awesome. Very hard to pick a favourite and all would be 5 stars in any other box. All very smooth with subtle flavours and nice after-taste.

-Adam L.

Well that was interesting

I wasn't sure how I'd handle these three (smoky whiskies); but I liked them all. I think that's a first for me. If I had to pick a number one out of the three it would be the Middleton Distillery Redbreast 12 year old. Equal and very close second is the Koval Millet Single Barrel and the Whistlepig 10 year old Straight Rye.

-David L.

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