5 Whiskey Bars that are Literally what Dreams are Made Of

5 Whiskey Bars that are Literally what Dreams are Made Of

It takes more than a few libraries of ladders and a wide selection of bottles to make a great whiskey bar. A whiskey bar may have thousands of whiskey bottles and serve them on repurposed bottles, but that might mean little if the service is poor and the overall atmosphere lacklustre. The character of such a whiskey bar will make you want to drink for all the wrong reasons.

However, whiskey bars that offer the best whiskeys are on the rise and have become a better alternative to upscale wine lounges. You will be able to explore unique pours in a laid-back environment. Some of our best picks for the best whiskey bars include:

1. Jack Rose Dining Saloon -- Washington, D.C., USA

Walking inside into Jack Rose is similar to taking a special trip to whiskey heaven. It stores nearly 2000 bottles on the shelves (the Largest collection in the entire Western Hemisphere). You will find brown water on four taps, multiple well-appointed bars that you can enjoy your whiskey tails, and affordable prices on different types of rare pours.

2. Charlie Parkers -- Sydney, Australia

charlie parker's

Situated underneath the French country restaurant, Charlie Parkers is just a simple cocktail bar -- with a twist. All the blends they offer are not nature inspired but also contain a taste of Centennial Park. The bartenders have to collect nasturtium, jasmine, kikuya grass, bottlebrush, and fusilia flowers that are freshly picked and then distil them into vodka. Additionally, Charlie Parkers have an extensive selection of whiskey and gin, and they also offer tasting notes that can help you choose the perfect whiskey.

3. Tokyo Bird -- Sydney, Australia

Tokyo Bird -- Sydney, Australia

For those Australians looking to get a taste of Japan right at home, they do not have to look any further than Tokyo Bird. This cozy and elegant bar offers many Japanese whiskies and beers. In fact, Tokyo Bird boasts the largest collection of Japanese Whisky in all of Australia. For those also looking for a satisfying bite to eat, Tokyo Bird also has a delicious menu featuring Japanese-inspired dishes.

4. Old Lightning -- LOS Angeles, California, USA

Old Lightning bar LA

There are several unmarked bars that label themselves as speakeasies. However, people gather at the Old Lightning so that they can drink like it’s 1929. Visit the bar’s online menu, which contains some of the antique and rare whiskeys that have been stockpiled for several years by the co-founders Steve Livignie and Pablo Moix. The list of the whiskeys changes four times every year according to the theme. Sometimes you’ll get to drink whiskeys from Japan, Ireland, and other countries. Therefore, the selection often varies. However, it includes whiskeys such as the mid-century Fitzgerald, Evan Williams, and Dillinger Pennsylvania that was distilled in the year 1913 and bottled in 1923.

When you decide to visit this bar, ask your bartender to create a custom drink depending on your budget and what you would want to try. What’s more, Old Lightning offers 100 cocktails that are prepared using antique spirits.

5. Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar and Kitchen -- Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar and Kitchen -- Brooklyn, New York, USA

It’s not easy to find a list of antique scotches at a wine bar situated in a cozy neighbourhood. However, this unexpected gem has hundreds of antique blended scotches assembled by Stuart Leaf, who is not only a partner but also a collector. The wide variety of bourbon contains some recognizable labels such as Johnnie Walker, Bell’s and Chivas Regal.

Additionally, they also have other forgotten brands such as Happy Wanderer and Ye Whiskey of Ye Monks. Stuart Leaf aspires to make everyone enjoy exploring; therefore, their whiskeys are priced to sell, including the most expensive pours such as the Ambassador which is approximately 25-years old.

Get Out There

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough. Whether you’re just after a fashionable speakeasy that has a rare blend of concoctions, or a Japanese whiskey joint, Whisky Loot has got you covered. With a wide selection of some of the best whiskey bars that offer smooth whiskeys, use this comprehensive list to find the best whiskey bars that you have to visit.

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