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The Story Behind Liquor Loot


"Our goal is to make you as passionate about premium spirits as we are"

Joel, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our vision is to be the most trusted and personalised platform on earth; that empowers and connects consumers with the world's best spirits.

At Liquor Loot, we're on a mission to create thoughtful customer-centric shopping experiences for explorers to taste & discover spirits. We believe in igniting a piqued interest into a responsible sustained enjoyment.

We aim to be the starting point of liquor exploration online.

At Liquor Loot we don't dream small. Our audacious goal starts in Australia, but knows no borders. We aim to be the starting point of liquor exploration online, achieving this through discovery, education and curation. Join us on a spirited journey to a better future to find your perfect dram.

Our story

Dedicated to opening up the World of premium spirits since the beginning.


Founded with an initial focus on Whisky

Whisky Loot came about after founder Joel Hauer inadvertently went on a journey of self-discovery in downtown New York.


The flood gates of reviews pour in

Tasting feedback became the core of our business. Servicing distilleries and providing value to consumers.


Advent Calendar & Retail launched

Launched hugely successful Advent Calendars, and ranged in our first retailer partner ALDI Australia.


Consolidated the brand to Liquor Loot

We merged our Whisky Loot and Gin Loot brands together to Liquor Loot and ranged in Dan Murphy's.

The design

At Liquor Loot, we know that every aspect of your purchase plays a part in the experience of enjoying Whisky and we are passionate about breaking down the barriers and bringing whisky into the twenty-first century.

Our bespoke presentation boxes and custom-designed glassware have been created to guide you from one taste to the next in your own time and at your own pace.

Our goal

We aim to gently guide you on a tasting journey through the beautiful and varied world of whisky in the comfort of your own home every month.

Our ambition is to make you as passionate about whisky as we are. It’s a big ask. But we are confident that Whisky Loot can help you to love Whisky every bit as much as us.

And you don’t have to visit an NYC speakeasy to catch the Whisky bug!


“Curation and education meet at a beautiful crossroads”

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