Gift Subscription FAQs

Gift Subscription FAQs

Liquor Loot Gift Subscriptions

Liquor Loot Gift subscriptions are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! You can choose between our 3, 6 or 12 month options. We’ve chatted to our awesome support team and rounded up the most frequently asked questions about gift subscriptions to help you get gifting.

For the Gift Giver

How do I purchase a gift card?

Easy - head to our website and everything you’ll need is under the ‘Gift Subscription’ header at the top. You can then select the length of your gift (3, 6 or 12 months), then you can enter your recipient’s details and your gift message. Once you finalise your order, your gift card will be emailed out to you within half an hour.

How do I get this gift card to my recipient?

A few options here depending on what suits you and your recipient best. You can:

  1. Select ‘Please send to both of us’ at checkout - this will send a copy of the gift card to yourself and your recipient within half an hour of the purchase
  2. Select ‘please send only to me’ at checkout - this will send a copy just to you. You can then forward this email to your recipient when you’re ready, or alternatively print out the gift card and mail it or gift to them in person.
  3. If it suits, you can redeem the gift card on behalf of your recipient and get the whisky or gin on the way right away - to keep it a surprise, enter your contact information and their shipping address. Instructions for redemption are on the gift card.

I ordered a gift card but I can’t see it in my inbox?

If it’s more than an hour after your order, double check your spam folder - the email subject is ‘Your Whisky Loot Gift Purchase.’ If you can’t see your gift card there, please contact our support team at so our team can double check and get that out to you.

I want a physical gift card emailed to me rather than a digital one - is this a thing?

It is! We don’t currently offer this on our website but if you’d like a physical gift card sent out to you or your recipient, please contact our support team at and they can help you out. Please note additional charges apply, and physical gift cards are currently a Whisky Loot exclusive.

What is included in the gift subscription?

Once redeemed, your recipient will get 3 x 60mL tasters each month for the length of the subscription. All the tasters will be different (no double ups here) and feature spirits from all over the world. Each box is curated around a theme and hand-selected by our in-house sommelier. Each pack comes with tasting notes so they can learn more about the spirits and distillers.

My recipient has particular tastes - can I choose what spirits they get?

Our subscriptions are thoughtfully curated by our in-house sommelier, and each spirit is hand selected and each box curated around a particular theme. The subscriptions are a great way to introduce your recipient to a wide range of spirits from all over the world, as well as local favourites. If your recipient is particular about the spirits they like, we would recommend a one-off tasting pack or bottle. Our expert team can absolutely help you pick a pack or bottle - just get in touch on live chat on our website.

Redeeming your Gift Card

I got a gift card! Wooo! What now?

Wooo! Lucky you!! Simply follow the instructions on the gift card to redeem your gift card on our website. There’s no expiry on the gift card, so you can redeem it whenever you are ready :)

My code isn’t working?

Make sure you enter your code twice - once on the redemption page, and again at checkout in the ‘discount code’ box. This will make the order total $0.

Why do I need to enter credit card details?

Our current subscription service requires all subscribers to enter their credit card details as part of the redemption + subscription process. So long as you enter the unique code sent to you on your gift card or gift letter, there will be no charge, and no charges in the future. The total will be $0 at checkout - you can double check this before finalising your order. Your personal information is stored securely - your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

How soon will I get my box after redeeming?

Your first box will ship within 3 days, then your boxes will ship on the same date you signed up each month. You’ll get tracking when each box is on its way. Shipping depends on where you are located - we ship from Sydney, so East Coast orders will generally arrive within 7 days, and TAS, NT, SA and WA orders may take up to 10 days.

Will the gift subscription roll over after it’s done?

Not at all - the subscription will expire after your final gift box. If you’d like to continue the subscription beyond your gift period, let our team know at and they can help you with continuing your subscription.

How do I manage my subscription or update my details?

When you redeem your gift, you’ll get an account invitation emailed out to you - simply click through on this and you’ll be able to set up your login for your Dashboard. From your dashboard you can view tasting videos, upcoming boxes, and also update your details as you need.

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