Introducing our 2023 Advent Calendars!

Advent Calendar

Count down to the holiday season with NINE Advent Calendars! More delightful treats and surprises for a bigger and better festive experience...

It's no secret that here at Liquor Loot that we are HUGE fans of the festive season - and to celebrate, this year we have expanded our bestselling advent calendars to a line up of NINE (!). 

Our in house team of Christmas elves (spirits experts) have been hard at work tasting hundreds of spirits, and we think this year's range is our best yet. You'll discover some up and coming Aussie distillers as well as some favourites from  brands like Archie Rose, Patron and Nikka. 


Calendars are available for pre-order right now and will be shipped by November 1st. 

Each calendar features 24 x 30mL tasters in custom glass bottles, encased within a premium, bespoke advent calendar accompanied by expert tasting notes. Gifting Options available! 

Now down to business - let's walk you through this year's line up!



We've gone all out this year, with a huge line-up of 5 different whisky calendars. Our staff pick? The Single Malt whisky calendar, which features the absolute best of Single Malts from all over the globe. 

[STAFF PICK] Single Malt Whiskythe ultimate calendar for the discerning whisky connoisseur. This calendar walks you through the time-honoured traditions and masterful techniques used to make this pure, liquid gold. It's your ticket to a global Single Malt tour, from Scotland, to Japan to right here in Australia. 
Aussie Whisky - Aussie whisky has had a huge renaissance these past few years, and this calendar walks you through 24 of our all-time favourites, produced and bottled right here on our shores. Featuring your favourites like Corowa, Limeburners and Chief's Son, as well as some of your soon-to-be favourites like 23rd Street, AOB and Eden Distillery. It's the ultimate roadtrip around Australia (minus the driving). 
Japanese Whisky - Japanese Whisky is legendary for its meticulous craftsmanship, and after tasting these 24 drams - you'll absolutely see why. We had a tough time narrowing this collection down to 24 but we think we've picked some of your new favourites - from globally-renowned brands like Nikka, Akashi and Hibiki, to some unusual and outsanding drops from smaller distillers.  
Global WhiskyIf you're feeling adventurous, boy is this calendar for you! We've picked 24 of the best whiskies from right around the world that celebrate the diversity, craftsmanship and captivating flavours from both new and traditional whisky distillers. From revolutionary distillers right here at home like AOB and Belgrove, to beloved Scottish drops from Glenfarcas and Redbreast as well as drams from New Zealand, Japan and the USA. 
Old and Rare Whiskythis exceptionally limited-edition calendar is incredibly special...featuring some of the rarest and most extraordinary whiskies ever made. This calendar features 24 hard-to-find and meticulously aged drams, up to 27 years old! The perfect once-in-a-lifetime gift for any whisky connoisseur. 



The perfect drink for the Aussie summer, choose between our two awesome Gin calendars...we recommend you add the tonic or mixer calendars to enchance your tasting experience! 

Aussie Gin & Tonic-  Its not a secret that Australia is home to some of the best Gin producers in the world; after much deliberation our team selected these 24 Aussie gins to take you up to Christmas in (delicious) style. You might recognise some of the names like Poor Toms and 78 Degrees, and then you'll discover some future favourites from exciting distilleries like Lily Fields, The Canberra Distillery and AOB. Not only that...we've made your tastings easier than ever with our paired Fever-Tree Tonic advent calendar. 

Global Gin & Tonic - This is your one-way ticket around the world via Gin (we think this is the best way to travel). Let us walk you through the wonderful world of gin with tastings from right here at home, Japan, The UK, New Zealand and Scotland. 



Last but not least - for the adventurous drinker, we have our spirits calendars that encompass EVERYTHING from whisky to gin, rum, vodka, tequila, pisco and even brandy. 

Aussie Spirits & Mixer If we haven't made it clear yet how much we love Aussie spirits...let us drive it home with this brilliant collection of rich, delicious and unique spirits from all over the country. Here at home we are known for our innovation, craftsmanship and diversity, and after tasting these we reckon you'll see why. We've made tasting easier than ever with our Fever-Tree paired mixers calendar. 

Global Spirits & Mixer - Here every spirit, from all over the world, was on the table - a challenge we are up for! We've meticulously selected 24 of the most interesting, unique or diverse spirits, from right here at home as well as New Zealand, Japan, Scotland, Mexico, and USA. We're talking Vodka, Pisco, Mezcal, Rum, Cognac, Brandy and Reposado. 

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