Picking the Perfect Tonic to Pair With Your Gin

Picking the Perfect Tonic to Pair With Your Gin

Bread and butter, salt and pepper, cheese and crackers. The food world is full of perfect pairings. So, what about the drinks world?

We chatted to Trish Brew, Australian Brand Ambassador for Fever-Tree Mixers, who believes no combination is more iconic than the humble gin and tonic - and we couldn't agree more!

Read on as we shine a spotlight on the true perfect pairing, a classic G&T. It’s your (G)o-(T)o drink for a reason, but did you know that this extends beyond the punchy flavour combination?

It turns out that scientifically, a gin and tonic is a match made in heaven. To get technical, the chemical makeup of the molecules inside juniper (the predominant botanical you’ll find in any good gin) and quinine (contained in the tonic), when combined, create new molecules that taste completely different – and in the case of the G&T, these molecules naturally attract one another to create an even better taste.

So, there you go. Gin is destined to be with tonic, but not just any tonic. Your gin deserves the very best, naturally.

Insert Fever-Tree Premium Mixers. As Trish says to us, at Fever-Tree we’re all about the motto “if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best”.

As the thirst for quality spirits continues to increase, naturally, consumers are increasingly looking to pair their premium gin with the very best tonic on the market.

Following strong performance in 2021, including +52 percent value growth in grocery, Fever-Tree is positioned as the number one premium mixer across liquor and grocery retail in Australia, on track to become market leader in tonics in Australia in 2022.

As Trish put it, “Fever-Tree is the only mixer brand which goes to the ends of the earth to procure the finest ingredients.” This dedication to perfecting their wide of range of tonics is clear, as Fever-Tree’s range perfectly complements the varied flavour categories of gin.

Trish went on to share some of her tips for perfecting the very best gin and tonic. “For most people, I would say that ¾ of your drink should be tonic, to ¼ gin. This allows you to still be able to taste the gin and not have your drink overpowered by tonic, but instead, complemented”.

“As for the mixer (Fever-Tree, of course), make sure your tonic is chilled, as this will keep the bubbles tighter for longer. And quality ice is key.”

“Depending on your gin of choice, complement the drink with fun garnishes. Fruits, herbs or a little bit of spice will always beautifully balance out a G&T.”

But you don’t need to be a bartender to mix with the best, Fever-Tree’s Pairing Wheel makes it incredibly easy to pick your top tastes and have these paired with a plethora of gins and Fever-Tree tonics to match. With Fever-Tree’s Pairing Guide, you can search by spirit if you’re partial to a certain gin, or search by mixer if you’re a true mixer expert.

Life is too short to compromise on taste, so let Fever-Tree do the hard work for you and pair their wide range of tonics with your gin so you too, can mix with the best.

Want to get started on your gin + tonic journey? Check out Liquor Loot's subscription where you'll receive 3 x premium gins perfectly paired with Fever-Tree tonics delivered straight to your door each month.

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