The 7 Best Gifts For Whisky Lovers

The 7 Best Gifts For Whisky Lovers

Do you know someone who loves whisky? 

Whiskey is more than just their favorite spirit. It could be their biggest passion. And it's not about how much they drink, it's about how much they savour each dram of whisky.

Choosing the perfect whisky gift requires some thought. You want to amaze them with something unique while giving them something useful that they’ll use in their daily lives.

Add more to their shelf of whiskies or help them show off their whiskies with these thoughtful choices. We think each pick below has a level of sophistication and style perfect for the whisky lover in your life. Here are the 7 best whisky gifts you can give them.

1. Whisky Loot’s Collector’s Edition Advent Calendar

Taste some of the best whisky money can buy with our Collector’s Edition Advent Calendar. With tasters 12x60ml ultra-premium Top Shelf Whisky Tasters, including Redbreast 21 and Yamazaki 12 (Worth over $350 at retail price). Packaged in a deluxe bespoke box, it’s the best gift for any whisky lover.

2. W Drinksplinks Ice Tray

The world of whisky is cluttered with too many decanter sets, so give their whisky an attitude with this W-shaped ice tray. Make this the perfect gift for all the Wills and Whitneys in your life.

3. Whisky Loot Gift Subscription

Subscriptions are the best gifts that keep on giving, so give the gift of Whisky Loot. Members receive a unique monthly subscription box filled with three 60ml bottles of premium brand name whiskies from around the world, with each one accompanied with tasting notes and the distillery’s history. For someone who enjoys sipping scotch and finding new whisky producers, this is a perfect whisky gift. Choose a 3, 6, or 12-Month whisky tasting subscription for your whiskey lover.

4. Whisky Stones Set of 9

Chilling whisky without diluting its flavour or character is an art. This set of whisky stones will keep whiskey cooler longer than regular ice cubes – perfect for any whisky lover looking to level up their whisky game.

5. Whisky Cut Glass

Give your whisky lover’s bar a dose of elegance with these whisky-cut glasses that are more budget-friendly. They provide a solid presentation and a practical design.

6. The Corowa Characters Wine Cask Single Malt Australian Whisky

The makers behind this Corowa Distillery in NSW set out to make whisky that captures the spirit of its hometown and people, and it shows. This single malt, wine cask whisky is delightful. It has floral characteristics with sweet honey on the nose that makes it distinctive from other Australian distilleries.

7. Glencairn Whisky Glass (Set of 2)

If your whiskey lover is the type who wants to impress others with their drinkware and whiskies, this revolutionary Glencairn whisky glass set will do the trick. Glencairn glasses are ideal for tastings because of its design. Its tapered mouth and large surface area let out more aromas, so they can relish the refinement and taste of fine whisky.

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