Top 5 whisky cocktails

Top 5 whisky cocktails

Whisky is famous for being drunk straight. Ordering your whisky neat, without so much as an ice cube, is pretty common practice due to whisky’s intense and complicated flavours.

But that doesn’t mean that whisky cocktails are out of the question. To the contrary, whisky has proven itself to be one of the best alcohols for cocktail drinks.

The next time you’re at the bar, try ordering one of these 5 whisky cocktails, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

1. Old fashioned

Whisky cocktails call for ingredients that compliment the whisky rather than masking its flavours. After all, you’re buying whisky for its complex flavour palette.

So simpler can sometimes be better with whisky cocktails, and the old fashioned is about as simple as you can get. This cocktail calls for a dash of bitters, a cube of sugar, an ice cube, and a lemon wedge if you’re feeling fancy.

An old fashioned is the perfect way to get the whisky’s flavours to cuddle up to a little sweetness.

2. Whisky sour

Possibly the most common whisky cocktail. Similar to an old fashioned, the whisky sour combines whisky with simple syrup, adds some lemon juice and (sometimes) a few egg whites.

Shake well and pour over a cup of the biggest ice cubes you can find. Typically garnished with an orange slice and a cherry.

3. Manhattan

This whisky cocktail calls specifically for rye mixed with Sweet Vermouth and finished with just a hint of bitters. Like most whisky cocktails, the finishing touch to the Manhattan is a hint of citrus, in this case, orange.

Stir this drink to mix it all together and garnish it with a candied cherry. Serve in a rounded bowl glass for maximum aesthetic appeal.

4. Whisky smash

The ideal whisky cocktail for those summertime parties. The drink’s overall flavour recalls a crisp lemonade, intended to cool you down on those hot evenings.

Muddle lemon juice, simple syrup and mint to create the tangy base flavour. Then shake in some rye and a touch of ice. Pour the finished drink over crushed ice and add a mint sprig to top it all off.

5. Hot Toddy

Whisky is usually consumed at room temperature or over ice. But if you’re craving something with a little more warmth on a cold, rainy day, then the Hot Toddy is for you.

Hot water, whisky and honey make this drink as smooth as it is soothing. Add a hint of lemon for a little zing.

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