Why the Perfect Glassware Makes the Perfect Drink

Why the Perfect Glassware Makes the Perfect Drink
It’s an often repeated cliché: “A poor workman blames his tools”, but when it comes to mixing up a delicious gin cocktail, your equipment can make all the difference.

Our resident Gin Expert, Tim Laferla, has worked at high-class cocktail bars in Manchester, London and Sydney, and picked up several awards along the way. He certainly knows a thing or two about good barware, and his thoughts on the matter are clear:
“Having the right gear is crucial. Whether you're making a few drinks for friends at home, or serving up hundreds of cocktails behind the bar, equipment you can rely on is all important. Take it from me, you don’t want to have something break at the wrong time.”
We take gin drinking pretty seriously here at Liquor Loot, and we firmly believe that proper glassware and a cocktail kit can enhance your experience considerably. When we’re making drinks in the office, we prefer to use Barware For Home’s glasses and equipment – which offers professional-grade quality for at home use.

Barware For Home offers a wide range of apparatus to suit any budding home bartender. A great place to start is their Gin Tasting Kit, which contains six Broadway Cut Crystal Shot Glasses, ideal for sampling gins neat, in their purest form. The Kit also provides six larger Broadway Cut Crystal Cocktail Glasses, with their larger bowls perfect for mixing up a refreshing G&T. These glasses have been produced with gin in mind, and are sure to elevate your drinking experience, with the shape and design highlighting the spirit’s subtle flavours.

This Kit would go hand in hand with Liquor Loot’s very own Best of Australia Tasting Pack. Use the smaller Shot Glasses to get a real flavour of the individual gins, before using the larger Cut Crystal Cocktail glasses to create delicious mixed drinks – head over to our Mixers page for some inspo!

Enjoy the remarkable world of flavour that gin offers with Barware For Home’s glasses!

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