5 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Whisky Loot Bottles

5 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Whisky Loot Bottles

Here at Whisky Loot the only thing we love more than a bottle full of whisky is an empty whisky bottle that can be reused or repurposed into something awesome. Here, we take you through some creative ideas for upcycling your custom Whisky Loot 60mL taster bottles.

1) Get Floral

The quickest way to recycle your Whisky Loot bottles is as a tiny vase. Wash out you bottle, pop a single flower or a sprig of something delightful in there and voila! If you are feeling crafty, you can create a hanging piece with some twine.

Need some inspo? Check out this awesome upcycled flower arrangement from Whisky Loot customer, Lucy!

2) Get Colourful

Ever seen light filter through stained glass windows, and wanted to recreate the effect at home? Fortunately, it's easy to do with your empty Whisky Loot bottles. Simply fill them with plain water and then add a little food colouring in your desired hue to create a vibrant, beautiful ornament. These can be placed on windowsills around the home to catch the light.

3) Get Castaway

Transform your Whisky Loot bottles into a whimsical form of communication by adding a secret note. Not just reserved for marooned sailors and 80's band The Police, a message in a bottle makes for a charming gift for loved-ones. Avoid ocean litter and hide them around the house for a fun dinner party game!

4) Get Spicy

If you're like us, you have near-limitless tubes and shakers of spices spilling out of your kitchen cabinet. Luckily, you can get organised using your empty Whisky Loot bottles! Simply fill your empty bottles with your spices of choice, for a neat and attractive storage solution. The small opening of our bottles makes them perfect for carefully seasoning meals!

5) Get Spiritual

Not in a religious sense, our Whisky Loot bottles are perfect for making your own mini-infusions of whiskey, rum, gin, vodka or cocktail bitters! With plenty of recipes online (homemade Limoncello is a particular favourite of yours) you can let your imagination run wild. Australian native fruits steeped in gin also work very well, and if you want some inspiration, head over to our sibling brand, Gin Loot!

What about our Whisky Loot boxes?

Don't throw these away! The boxes are perfect for storing your whisky collection in, or for giving samples from your own collection to friends. Whisky Lover Zac McHardy (@mrwhiskz) does something similar: "I use the boxes to send samples to mates around Australia. They don't go in the bin. They also reuse them to send others samples of stuff they have." Got a few spare Whisky Loot boxes? Send your pals some drams and help the whisky community!

Inspired, but out of bottles?!

It's time for a refill! Sign up to Whisky Loot's Advanced Membership here, or pick up a one-off tasting pack. You'll get new bottles to upcycle, and delicious whisky to drink!

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