From Whisky to hand santitiser the unlikely story of survival

WhiskyTalks - Adapting to a pandemic
Whisky Loot launches Whisky Talks, with our first series focusing on 3 Australian distilleries who have switched to making hand sanitiser throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

If you asked any of the distilleries that we work with whether they thought 12 months ago they would be making hand sanitiser instead of whisky, they would probably have laughed in your face.

As we live in a new reality, distilleries around the country and the world, have had to adapt to a new way of making a living. As advocates for the whisky industry, we thought we had to do our part in documenting this unusual turn of events and hearing from the frontline on how Coronavirus is affecting our most treasured Australian whisky industry.

So we embarked on a journey to discover precisely what is happening behind-the-scenes of some of the best distilleries in Australia. How they are affected by Coronavirus, how their staff and their business model has changed, and how they see the future playing out in these uncertain times.

Our first conversation is with Alasdair, co-founder of Whipper Snapper Distillery in Perth:

Our second conversation is with Dave Withers, head distiller at Archie Rose in Sydney:

And finally, we talked with the owner of the Great Southern Distilling Company; Cameron Symbe in Western Australia:

As you can see in these unusual turn of events, hand sanitiser is not only a necessity for our consumers, citizens and government officials that desperately require this product, but also for distilleries to create a new revenue source that will help them support their business, overheads and staff into the future.

Much like the distilleries we have spoken with, we look forward to the days in which conversations around whisky, cask selection, maturation and the taste, are the forefront and the days of making hand sanitiser is merely a distant memory.

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