Announcing Corowa Whisky

Announcing Corowa Whisky

We're so excited to be able to bring our subscribers a taste of an Aussie distillery listed as one of the top 10 up and coming whisky distillery’s in the world in 2017 🥇

Corowa Distilling co was also named a ‘whisky brand’ of the future by ‘the spirit business’, and they are serious about their Aussie Whisky.

July’s 'The Whisky RyePort' features the Corowa Bosque Verde 46%

The Corowa Distilling Co, which is located on the New South Wales’ side of the Murray River, grew out of the chocolate business that Neil & Dean Druce ran out of their organic farm. Given the chance to buy an old flour mill for just $1, they set up a distillery and put out their first releases in 2018.

Bosque Verde, which translates from both Spanish and Scottish Gaelic as ‘Green Grove’ (the name of their farm) was one of those two debut releases. Corowa has gone heavy on style using a distinctive bottle design and selling them in a unique, protective pouch. It is a whisky that looks great on the shelf.

Inside the bottle, the spirit has been aged for a minimum of two years in American Oak ex-port barrels. They have given it a notably dark colour and a rich flavour which masks its youthful complexion. It’s a complicated and perhaps slightly confusing whisky but one Aussie whisky enthusiasts will be desperate to try and which bodes well for the future of this exciting new distillery.

Tasting notes

Colour: A dark and rich amber

Nose: Youthful, smoky, and herbal with hints of freshly mowed grass and oak-fueled spiciness over the top of rich burnt caramel with hints of cherries and raisins.

Palate: At first sharp and spicy on the tongue with plenty of tannins, pepper, and cinnamon. But underneath there are strong hints of sweetness; dark chocolate, caramel, and port from the oak barrels. An intriguing whisky that can’t quite make up its mind.

Finish: Long, tangy and acidic with smoke and hints of vinegar but also citrus fruits and again some sweetness with vanilla now to the fore.

To get a taste, sign up to receive the July box (skipping the starter box) through this special link. Orders will be shipped between the 22nd - 25th of July.

$59 Inc Free shipping Australia-wide. Buy here

You will receive 3 tasters in total:

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