Introducing: Wild Turkey Master's Keep 1894

Introducing: Wild Turkey Master's Keep 1894

1894 is the third expression in the Masters Keep Limited series of rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys from Wild Turkey. It is a truly special bottle of Wild Turkey, a unique and delicious bourbon, which is why we have made it our 'Hero' whisky for the month of June.

An extremely limited rare release

1894 is the third expression in the Masters Keep Limited series of rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys from Wild Turkey.

It is a special whiskey. Very special. Bringing together history, great flavours, and one man’s passion in a way that few other bourbon’s ever have.

The story behind how 1894 came into being every bit as special as the whiskey that came about at the end of it.

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In 1894, Rickhouse A was the first warehouse built on Wild Turkey Hill overlooking the mighty Kentucky River, right in the heart of bourbon country.

Its elevation and exposure to the elements enable the whiskey stored here to breathe and move freely in the barrel. The whiskey being aged here experienced each of the four seasons, bringing unique flavours and textures to every barrel. For more than 120 years, Rickhouse A has housed and aged some of the finest bourbons in the world.

As Wild Turkey’s oldest warehouse, it has a special place in the history of this legendary bourbon distillery. But, for Master Distiller, Eddie Russell, Rickhouse A is even more important.

In 1981, as a young employee and son of the then-Master Distiller, it was here where Eddie sampled his first whiskey straight from the barrel. It was here where he truly fell in love with whiskey. It was here where he decided to dedicate his life to bourbon whiskey and to Wild Turkey.

The rest, as they say, is history, and today Eddie is himself Master Distiller at Wild Turkey and one of the most respected men in the bourbon industry.

As Master Distiller, Eddie’s father used to do limited time offerings and small batch releases. But until recently, the tradition had died out. But it was something Eddie wanted to bring back, both as an homage to his father and to let others taste some of the unique tastes and textures that Distillers can discover when tasting whiskey straight from the barrel.

The Master’s Keep range was born. The first two expressions, a rare 17 year-old vintage and the Decades blend of ten to twenty-year-old whiskey’s have proved a great success but the limited numbers meant few bottles made it to these shores.

But Australia is Wild Turkey’s biggest export market and Eddie wanted to give bourbon fans here a special treat.

1894, the third expression in the Master’s Keep range is that treat.

Named after the year when Rickhouse A was built, it features whiskies distilled in 2003 and 2005 along with some 6-year old bourbon all of which has been stored exclusively in Wild Turkey’s oldest warehouse.

Eddie’s ambition was to create a whiskey exclusively for the Australian market that would be a fitting tribute to that summer’s day in 1981 when he first tasted whiskey from the barrel in this historic warehouse.

With the 1894, he has surpassed himself. This rich and sweet bourbon is bottled at 45% and delivers a fruity burst of flavour mixed with an oaky spice often absent from younger bourbons.

Tasting notes

The 1894 starts on the nose with a fruity fragrance rich with apples, bananas, stewed rhubarb, and dried pears all drizzled with a generous dollop of honey.

In the mouth, this honey and toffee sweetness arrives first but evolves quickly on the tongue into a vibrant cocktail of candied pear, dried apples and bananas, and handmade vanilla ice cream, all of this is underwritten with that subtle spice and oakiness.

The finish is long and while the spice remains, the toffee and caramel return to give 1894 an opulence that will leave you wanting one more sip.

But you may be loath to pour another glass giving how stunning the 1894 looks in the bottle. This unique whiskey is presented in a beautiful presentation case resplendent with the individual batch number on the front.

Inside, the bottle itself is a classic short, stocky bourbon bottle perfectly engraved with a flying Wild Turkey, the symbol of this world-renowned Bourbon brand. The whiskey within boasts a dark golden hue and looks like pure honey or golden syrup.

The 1894 is an extremely rare limited release. There are fewer than 10,000 bottles of this stunning bourbon in the world and they are only available here in Australia.

When Eddie Russell talks about the 1894, it is like a father talking about his only child just after they have flown the nest. He is wistful yet proud and delighted to see others treasure a whiskey he has invested not only his professional knowledge and skills into, but his heart and soul too.

Our Hero Whisky for June 2019

It is a truly special bottle of Wild Turkey, a unique and delicious bourbon, which is why we have made it our 'Hero' whisky for the month of June.

It will also be featuring in our 'International Box' which will ship on the 22nd of June. So, if you want to sample the Wild Turkey Distillers Keep 1894, join the waitlist today!

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