Letter from Joel Hauer

Letter from Joel Hauer

a letter from the CEO, Joel Hauer

Whisky has always been about more than consuming a fine spirit. At Whisky Loot, we know that every aspect of your purchase plays a part in the experience of enjoying Whisky and we are passionate about breaking down the barriers and bringing whisky into the twenty-first century.

We aim to gently guide customers on a tasting journey through the beautiful and varied world of whisky in the comfort of their own home every month. Our ambition is to make subscribers as passionate about whisky as we are. It’s a big ask. But we are confident that Whisky Loot can help inspire them to love Whisky every bit as much as us.

From our humble beginnings, we've grown with the support of our subscribers, and our subscribers have allowed us to bring them new whiskies all around the world.

As we embark on the next phase of our business, we're humbled by the love and passion of our loyal customers and take inspiration from their suggestions on how to continue to provide a great product & service.

With so much choice out there in the world of Whisky and liquor in general, it's no wonder that people are turning to Whisky Loot for a curated monthly experience. As the economy shifts from quantity to quality, we've seen a considerable increase in premium spirit consumption, indicating people are preferring to taste more but consume less.

Our service alleviates the fear of choosing something unagreeable with consumer’s tastes, reducing the fear of buying something you may not like. Although no one wants to buy something they may not like, it's somewhat difficult to define what you like, without trying a lot of variation.

With the value of the online liquor market, estimated to be over $569 million (with a meagre 2% of Australian alcohol sales made online today) Whisky Loot is an innovative solution which marries convenience with current demand and builds a format that can expand globally.

With the popularity of Whisky Loot, we are planning to expand into additional liquor verticals including Gin & Vodka, and into additional countries.

We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with our loyal customers.

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