Introducing The Highlander

Introducing The Highlander

The Highlander introduces Highland Whisky to our subscribers with three distinct brands that will earn a place in any Highland tasting set.

We feature The Deanston 15-Year-Old, known to be one of the first Organic Whiskies of its time. The Clynelish 10-Year-Old, a light introduction to peated Whiskies, and Edradour 14-Year-Old, from one of Scotlands last remaining family run distilleries.

Why Highlands?

The largest whisky-producing region in Scotland, known for its variety. From the South, we have Edradour and Deanston, situated only 1hour away from each other, with noticeably sweeter and gentler spices with hints of honey and dried fruit. To the North, we have Clynelish, with a more Islay inspired style, although incredibly complex and well-balanced, something unlike anything of it's age.

Deanston: Deanston Organic 15 Year Old

Deanston Organic 15 Year Old

Deanston’s signature 15-year old organic single malt delivers a succulent, spicy, honey-fuelled taste sensation. This is sophisticated, indulgent whisky, one to reward yourself with at the end of a long day!

Organic whisky’s are a recent trend which makes this 15-year old organic single malt from the Deanston distillery, located near Stirling in the Scottish highlands, a little bit special. It has been made using organic barley from local farms and the entire distillation process, from malting to bottling, has been certified organic by the Organic Food Federation. There’s been no chill filtration and no artificial colours added. The result is a smooth and sweet single malt with oodles of character. This whisky has been matured in American-Oak casts which have been scraped and re-charred, giving it a distinctive spicy edge. The nose is gently floral and fruity, but the overwhelming sensation on the palate is one of creamy-honey with bags full of fruit. The term ‘organic’ isn’t often married with the word ‘indulgent’ but in their 15-year old single malt, Deanston has definitely brought the two together.

Colour: A gentle, rich gold

Nose: Fruity and sweet a gentle spiciness from the American oak casks. These is just a hint of vanilla and the slightest suggestion of the honey flavours to follow

Palate: Succulent, sweet, and creamy with delicate spicy flavorings permeating throughout. This whisky exudes honey and fruit; apples, white grapes, and pear. A decadent party of your palate.

Finish: Surprisingly crisp and long. The honey sweetness recedes slowly with the oaky spice and hints of pepper starting to come through at the end.

Clynelish: Clynelish 14 Year Old

Brora was renowned for its peaty offerings and while Clynelish has continued this tradition, in the 14-year old single malt, the smoky flavor sits a little more in the background nicely contrasting their trademark waxy, honey-sweet textures. To add complexity, this richness is punctuated with hints of brine from the nearby sea and a dry oaky finish which comes from the ex-bourbon casks it is matured in. The subtleness of its complexity means the Clynelish 14-year old is a beautifully balanced scotch bringing a unique and deeply satisfying combination of flavors and a pleasingly powerful fragrance. This is a whisky to enjoy after a fine meal or at the end of an excellent film; it is a whisky to introduce your friends to with pride, and it is definitely a whisky to be savoured neat or with the smallest dash of water.The Clynelish 14-year old is an entry-level Highland single malt which exudes complexity and class in a way a scotch of this vintage simply shouldn’t be able to. Clynelish is the successor to the Brora distillery which closed in 1983 and was located literally across the road.

Colour: A full and rich gold, the sun edging towards the horizon at the end of a summers day.

Nose: A unexpectedly flamboyant nose featuring spicy and floral fragrances alongside some smoky peat and malty hints. A citrus hue can also be detected alongside the merest hint of the waxy honey flavors that erupt on the tongue.

Palate: Begins light and citrusy with a peaty background and hints of oak, but this quickly develops in the unique waxy richness Clynelish is renowned for with honey, vanilla, and dried fruits all detectable.

Finish: The rich palate lingers in a long finish developing into a gentle bitterness that brings through spicy oak and a hint of sea-salt.

Edradour: The Distillery Edition 10-Year-Old

Scotch whisky made the way it used to be. The Edradour Distillery Edition 10-year old single malt is handmade at Scotland’s last remaining farm distillery. The result is a sweet, spicy mongrel of a whisky unlike any other you will have tasted from this part of the world.

If you like your scotch with a big dollop of tradition, then the Edradour Distillery Edition 10-Year Old single malt is a whiskey you need to try. It is one of the few single malts still being produced by a traditional farm distillery in Scotland today. Aged in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks, the entire distillation process is done by hand. The result is a completely unique and classy malt that has an almost rum-like quality and does plenty on the palate. In the nose, the Edradour exudes floral bouquets and honey-sweetness. But the taste is a cloying sweetness, like a mouthful of rich fruit cake, all dark fruits, oranges, and spices with unmistakable honey notes. The finish is short but still packed with oaky spiciness leaving a pleasing warmness on the tongue.

Color: A delightful tawny yellow.

Nose: Heather, dried flowers, toasted almonds, and an undertone of honey and dried fruit. There is so much going on here but still nothing that quite betrays the flavors to follow.

Palate: Rich, decadent fruit cake bursting with sherry-soaked dried fruits, cinnamon, and Christmas spices.

Finish: Short but bursting with oak-fueled spices over the top of that honey-sweetness.

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