The Aussie Boulevardier Cocktail: A Whisky Twist on a Classic Negroni

The Aussie Boulevardier Cocktail: A Whisky Twist on a Classic Negroni
The Boulevardier is the Negroni's whiskey-based cousin, packed with autumnal, bittersweet spice.

A veritable classic, this cocktail was one of many first created back in the 1920s by Harry McElhone at Harry's Bar New York Bar in Paris. The drink was originally made for Erskine Gwynne, another American ex-pat, who was a socialite and the editor of short-lived literary magazine, The Boulevardier.

"Boulevardier" is a French word that literally translates as "one who walks the Boulevards" – a man about town. For our version, we've looked to South Australian outfit Adelaide Hills Distillery to give this drink a distinctly Aussie twist.

Grab our Aussie Boulevardier (Whisky Negroni) Bundle here!

45ml Adelaide Hills 78 Degrees Whiskey
30ml Adelaide Hills Bitter Orange
30ml Adelaide Hills Rosso Vermouth


Garnish Orange Twist

Ice Cubes (for stirring)

Glass Tumbler

Equipment Checklist

Hawthorne Strainer Mixing Glass
Barspoon Jigger

Recommended Whiskies

Adelaide Hills 78 Degrees Whiskey


1. Add all your ingredients to the mixing glass with plenty of ice (a pint glass or jam jar will do in a pinch).

2. Stir with your barspoon (alternatively, use a chopstick) until dilute and cold.

3. Strain into a tumbler over fresh ice.

4. Garnish with orange twist, and enjoy!

Bartender’s Top Tips

Put your glass in the freezer five minutes before serving to keep your drink cold.

For a spicier take, try a base of rye whiskey!

Switch the whiskey out for gin, and you'll have a Negroni.

Switch the sweet vermouth out for dry, and you'll have an Old Pal cocktail.

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