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How it works

Choose one or more box options that suit you best. Pick a convenient receipt date and prepare the message you want to please the recipient with.

You can order delivery to the office or send boxes to an individual address for each of your employees. And then we'll ensure that everyone can get your gift on time and enjoy it.

Pick from our expertly curated selection

If you do not want to participate in a virtual tasting, you can just buy a box and enjoy the product yourself

Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Pack VT

Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Pack VT

Big in character and bold in flavour, Bourbon seems to capture something of the nation itself. The most well
from $79.00
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Top Shelf Single Malt Scottish VT

Top Shelf Single Malt Scottish VT

With this box, we’ve reached up to the top shelf and picked out some of the finest Scottish whiskies around. Scotland is the

from $159.00
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Elusive Japanese Whisky Tasting Pack VT

Elusive Japanese Whisky Tasting Pack VT

The rarest of the rarest – this box contains some of the finest Japanese drams, not just available today, but

from $259.00
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