The Gin Salty Dog Cocktail Recipe: A Classic Gin Drink

The Gin Salty Dog Cocktail Recipe: A Classic Gin Drink
Learn how to make a perfect gin version of the Salty Dog cocktail at home.

The Salty Dog is a popular vodka based drink that can be made even better with gin. Arguably it should have been a gin drink in the first place, as the pairing of gin and citrus is a match made in heaven. Elevate the drink to another level with some tips and tricks from our gin experts.

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30ml Gin
90ml Grapefruit juice (freshly squeezed)
5-10ml Sugar syrup
(1 part sugar : 1 part water)


Splash Soda water

Garnish Salt rim

Ice Cubes

Glass Highball glass

Equipment Checklist

Jigger Bar spoon
Citrus juicer

Recommended Gins

Four Pillars Modern Australian Gin


1. Wipe the outer rim of the highball glass with a grapefruit slice to wet.

2. Roll the outer rim of the highball glass on a plate of salt.

3. Fill highball glass with cubed ice.

4. Add first 3 ingredients to highball glass.

5. Give a quick stir and top with more ice cubes.

6. (Optional) add a splash of soda if you would like a bubbly, effervescent drink.

Bartender’s Top Tips

If you have a centrifugal juicer, peel your grapefruit and then juice it through that to create a delicious fluffy texture.

If you don’t have a centrifugal juicer you can also use a blender to whip your strained grapefruit juice to create a similar effect.

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