10 Best Australian Whiskies Under $100

10 Best Australian Whiskies Under $100
If you’re looking for a great Australian whisky under $100, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the top 10 Australian whiskies under $100, so you can find the perfect dram for your next special occasion.

First up is the Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Australian Whiskey at $79. This remarkable whiskey is entirely traceable, using locally sourced grain and aged in hand selected wine casks. Six different styles of malt are used for this dram, including Biscuit, Supernova, Redback, Toffee, Crystal and Chocolate.

Next is the Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Australian Whisky at $69. Voted the best Australian Blended Whisky at World Whiskies Awards 2019, this whisky uses malted barley and Australian wheat, and is matured in red wine barrels carefully selected from top Aussie vineyards.

At $99, Whipper Snapper is an Australian grain whisky made to resemble its Kentucky fore fathers. This dram takes notes from wheated bourbons like the illustrious Makers Mark and applies it to higher quality Aussie grain.

The Corowa Characters at $95 celebrates the people behind the whisky made at the distillery in Corowa, NSW. This single malt, wine cask whisky exhibits floral characters with honeycomb sweetness on the nose.

The Coastal Stone nor'easter at $99 is a smooth and aromatic Australian single malt whisky with maritime influences from the Sydney coast. An exceptional whisky full of rich dark fruits and five spice, with a long elegant finish.

The Chiefs son The Tanist at $109 is the newest single malt addition from Chiefs Son distillery. This smooth, sweet, yet rich whisky is forged by a long marriage of spirit in ‘double wood’, using two types of oak barrels to mature the spirit.

The Morris signature at $99 is the signature Australian single malt whisky from Rutherglen's Morris. This dram has been matured in shaved and toasted former red wine barrels before being finished in an array of Morris' very own fortified wine casks.

The Gospel Solera at $79 is technically not old enough to be called whisky, but this shows more character than you’d expect for its age.

The Ned's whisky The Wanted Series at $89 is a high quality whisky with distinctive character, taking inspiration from the most infamous of all Australians – Ned Kelly. This bold and final release in the limited edition Wanted Series, The Ingenuity of NED represents the creative art of blending whisky from hand-selected casks before imbuing them with deep flavours of char toasted oak.

Finally, the Dobson’s Old Reliable Triple Distilled Whiskey at $88 is a modern Australian whiskey made in a traditional Irish style. Triple distilled single malt, lightly peated, a mix of ex-shiraz French oak and bottled at 47%.

We’ve tried all of these whiskies and can confidently say that they are all great value for money. Our favourite is the Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Australian Whiskey, which has a complex and balanced flavour profile that is sure to please any whisky connoisseur.

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